Afroberlin High Orchestra: Descarga Mágica

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Martin High De Prime

The combination of caribbean roots and free jazz improvisations connects the opposite music styles: improvisation, spontaneity in salsa with rhythm of dance in jazz.
Obsessed with the ghosts of afro-latin rhythms they have the power to change the room with their instruments into a tropical dance hall. A transcontinental journey full of rhythm and fun. Together with the audience we all massage the floor with our feet, connected with mother earth we have a wonderful time.
In the multi-cultural jungle of Berlin, nine friends from around the world met and together created the live sound of this Album: joy of life, mysticism, Caribbean rhythm, the power of improvisation and original compositions are the spices of this brewed, magic salsa for a transcontinental journey.
The orchestra was formed in 2009 by Martin High De Prime who plays piano direct from his heart and creates music which is the coal for the fire everyone has inside.
High De Prime gets the strength to lead this wonderful orchestra from the rapture of the flora of his dear beloved Uckermark in North-Germany. During his long expeditions through its forests he discovered every sound, rhythm and mood which you hear in his compositions. His personality, style and nonchalance give the other band members their freedom to improvise and that’s the way they created these fireworks, full of passion and life-pleasure and rhythms from Cuba, Mexico, Africa and Berlin.
The choice of the musician’s characters is the basis for the sound of AFROBERLIN HIGH ORCHESTRA: Julian Gretschel’s arrangements give High De Prime’s compositions special colors. His brass sections sound round and soft with a big sense of harmony and tension. Master drummer Enrico “El Rey del Ritmo” Perez’s temperament, the brilliant calmness of African bass wizard Arcadius Didavi and all other musicians produce the quite special atmosphere at this recorded session: The birthday concert that celebrated 50 years of Martin High de Prime!

AHOI tunes LC 37200, Catalog No CD 14-001)