Hassan Elmalik & SUN BLUES – “Peacefully”

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Hassan Elmalik & SUN BLUES – „Peacefully

2023, 41:08min – 15,00 € plus Porto
Blues, Jazz, Pop, Reggae
Blues Music on the Sudan Pentatonic Scal of Sudan
On The Oud Through the World

PEACEFULLY was created during the war in Sudan.
I was born with the hope for peace and freedom and life for musicians was very difficult. We built musical instruments ourselves, but it sounded different than on TV… So I traveled through Sudan and neighboring countries to famous artists and enjoyed their professional instruments with Mama Africa’s music in Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mali, Morocco…, my father was an oud player and today I am SUN BLUES. SUN, the sun is the main element for life. She seems to have a lot of strength and zest for life all year round. The blues music can be felt darkly.” Hassan Elmalik

1 Muna: Muna means desire and is the name of a young woman. A lament to the absent lover because she has been away for a long time. The love, passion and longing for her is unbearable.
2 Chrystal Heaven: The song is one of Hassan’s favorites, it has a lot of him in it.
3 Dunia: Life is hard and difficult, but often still beautiful and we love it!
4 Gadla: For Hassan, personifies a person who has a beautiful swinging gait and dances to it.
5 Minnina: Homesick. My friend Osman Bushra is abroad and feels lost there. He always remembers his dear people in his homeland.
6 Chant: Psalm. Instrumental meditative melody
7 Relax: Instrumental
8 Nasieb: fancy number. A love story that disappeared amidst many obstacles.
9 Tune In: When Hassan wants to lose or find himself in the music, he plays “Tune In”.